Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Key Benefits

  • Advantages: Creating a safer environment.
  • Equipment: Specialized equipment readily available.
  • Cost Saving: We have our own disposal site.
  • Safety: All work done to latest regulations.

Within the group we have two alternatives for asbestos removal. Wreckers Dismantling have their own registered asbestos company with the capability and the trained worker force. They are usually used for projects where the removal of asbestos must work hand in glove with demolition.

Environmental Asbestos Removers (EAR) act as a nominated subcontractor for us and are more usually employed where stand alone contracts or very large scale operations take place.

All asbestos operations take place in strict accordance with all relevant regulations and legislation. This ranges from initial and ongoing air monitoring, sealing of the work area, establishment of decontamination facilities for the workers to safe and legal disposal of the arisings to a registered tip.

Wreckers staff have been involved in the removal and disposal of asbestos since 1976, and have kept constantly abreast with or ahead of all relevant requirements.

We have our own fully registered and controlled asbestos disposal facility which conforms to the legislative requirements and issues the relevant documentation.    

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