Industrial Demolition

Industrial Demolition Key Benefits

  • Advantages: Experience and wide range of skills.
  • Equipment: Explosives and all techniques available in house.
  • Cost Saving: Speed and efficiency.
  • Safety: Experience and ability.

This applies to areas such as steelworks, power stations and the like. Here, all the various types of demolition are used as appropriate on different parts of a large site.

However, special care must be taken in respect of hazardous materials from the previous use and some specialized techniques are applied. Pre-cutting of the steelwork for collapsing or felling is a highly skilled and specialized technique, used in conjunction with machine pulling or removal of support by explosives.

In the cases of power stations and some industries, chimneys and venturi cooling towers are involved. These are normally felled by controlled explosives, and each are subject to different specialized techniques.

Another consideration of older heavy industry is that there has been considerable use of asbestos, which requires a skilled workforce working
to stringent regulations for its removal.

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