Why you should use Wreckers Dismantling for your Demolition work

Wreckers Dismantling was founded by a group of people with extensive experience in the field. There are no subcontractors involved in the work so Wreckers Dismantling has complete control over every project. The company offers comprehensive services that include many forms of demolition.


Mechanical Demolition

This kind of demolition uses machinery that varies in size depending on the job. Excavators are adapted to be used for demolition and they are fitted with several attachments and tools specially designed for demolition work.


Wreckers Dismantling has a large fleet of excavators that will suit any job. The sizes range from 3.5 tonnes to 70 tonnes. The tools supplied include crushing jaws, nibblers, shears and hydraulic hammers. Professionals from Wreckers Dismantling can easily change the tools and attachments on site. Using machinery for demolition is highly beneficial because a project can be completed with skill and precision. It is also the safer option because hand labour is avoided.


Industrial Demolition

Wreckers Dismantling also does demolition work in areas such as steelwork, power stations and so on. It is wise to use professionals for industrial demolition as it is quite a hazardous job. Special skills are needed in order to properly handle certain materials.


In the case of industrial demolition, specialised skills are needed for pre-cutting of steelwork for collapsing or felling. Some projects require the use of machine pulling or explosives to remove the support. Employees of Wreckers Dismantling are experts in handling these difficult projects.


Steel Work Demolition

This kind of demolition is very different to the others. Transfers and distribution of steel is not the same as it is with brick and concrete structures. Steel work demolition is also quite dangerous because of the heights and weights of the structure and material. The experienced workers of Wreckers Dismantling can handle these projects with ease.


With steel work, it is important to demolish the structure from the top down to ground level. Once this has been achieved, the steel is then cut to a suitable re-sale size. Special skills are required to ensure that the structure does not collapse and cause harm to anybody. Once it has been dismantled, demolition of the support can happen. Much like industrial demolition, this is done by making use of explosive or machine pulling.

In the end, demolition comes down to the experience and skill of the company that you choose to help with your project. Wreckers Dismantling offers highly experienced professionals with the equipment and knowledge for safe and fast demolition. Contact Wreckers Dismantling now to find out more. 

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