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Implosions Key Benefits

  • Advantages: Suited to fast track contracts.
  • Equipment: Specialized explosives and ease of clearance.
  • Cost Saving: Good.
  • Safety: Reduced risk to public and workforce.
While “implosion” is commonly applied to all multi-storey demolition by explosives, there are several techniques. Implosion is where the demolition is centrally motivated to cause a building to collapse in on itself. Other techniques are progressive collapse, sequential collapse and toppling.
All the above are largely achieved by doing considerable internal preparation by removing walls, stairs and redundant elements. This converts the structure to a beam and column layout. The various columns are removed by explosives, causing the building to collapse. The type of collapse is controlled by the sequence and timing (both horizontal and vertical) of the detonations. This allows certain parts to act as driving weights while others remain as hinges. The direction and pattern is mainly designed to reduce any untoward effects on surrounding services and buildings. Environmental effects such as noise, vibration and dust are also mitigated by the pattern.
Since we have an excellent track record. We are able to offer our own insurance cover on an international basis.

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