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Wreckers Dismantling (Cape) Pty Ltd, a specialist demolition company which has been a major player in the South African market since 1982 is the only registered demolition company in the country to obtain ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001 and Five Star NOSA accreditation. Wreckers precision and hands-on services covers heavy industrial and commercial demolition, implosions, controlled explosives, advanced mechanical methods, reclamation, environmental rehabilitation, decontamination of radioactive and asbestos hazards, reinforced concrete removal, dismantling and earthworks. Wreckers Group consists of Dismantling, Asbestos, Scaffolding, Earthworks, Tarmac Road Services and Industrial Engineering.

Wreckers are accredited by the leading Safety, Environmental and Management bodies, NOSA (A MICROmega company) and OHSAS and ISO. These are all National and International bodies and consist of NOSA CMB253 five star integrated Safety system and ISO 9001 as well as OHSAS 18001.

To provide our clients with the highest standard of service, and to complement their management and safety systems, we have put much effort into our own systems. We are now accredited NOSA five star and  NOSCAR as well as having TÜV accredited ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001 ratings.

Wreckers has been maintaining a Disabling Injury Frequency Rate (DIFR) of 0.0 for more than two years with the goal of “Safety First” in occupational risk management. Wreckers commits itself to do comprehensive medical evaluation which is all recorded and monitored through our surveillance program.
Wreckers Dismantling strive to promote safety on-and-off site including AIDS awareness and is very proud of its Health and Safety (OHS) team. “All” Wreckers operatives are trained, competent and certified to Job Specifics, Safety, First Aid and Fire Fighting. Through training and assessment our team are constantly honed to the highest levels in their fields.

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