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Scaffolding Key Benefits

  • Advantages: In house company.
  • Equipment: Own equipment availability.
  • Cost Saving: No subcontractors.
  • Safety: Inspection and design in house.
Wreckers Group scaffolding
Wreckers group have their own scaffolding arm with registered and experienced staff. They also carry considerable stock of their own equipment. Scaffolding is a component of most demolition activities and covers all cases from minor access towers to full encapsulation. While minor towers and work platfroms are commonplace, they must still be erected and maintained in full accord with regulations and safety standards.
At times support scaffold is required. This occurs when demolition of, say, a large concrete beam would render it unsafe. A propping system is provided to allow the workers to continue in safety.
Scaffolding along the width and height of a building as normally seen by the public, can serve multiple purposes. First and foremost is the protection of the public. To this end we have an in-house system using steel clips and corrugated iron which provides a solid and secure barrier against falling debris. Secondly there is the provision of safe and secure access for the workforce. Thirdly, in combination with the steel sheets and heavy fabric a ‘coccoon’ is provided to mitigate the effects of dust and noise.
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