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Steel Work Demolition

Steel Work Demolition Key Benefits

  • Advantages: Specialist techniques.
  • Equipment: Specialized Demolition attachments and use of explosives.
  • Cost Saving: Short programmes.
  • Safety: Most work from a distance.
The demolition of large steel structures is virtually a separate discipline within general demolition. The transfer and distribution of loads is different to that encountered in reinforced concrete or brick structures.
Steel is generally approached on the basis of first getting it down to ground level, and then processing it to a size suitable for re-sale. With the weights and heights involved there is obviously a potential for danger. This is overcome by the use of skilled labour and experienced management. It is essential that there is a knowledge of how structures actually react during demolition. Original design has various factors of safety built in whereas these are not relevant for bringing the structure down.
The key to success is detailed preparation by pre-cutting. This allows for later removal of supporting elements, but without disturbing the stability of the structure. The main demolition is then brought about by the supports being taken out either by a machine pulling or by explosive driving charges. This is done from a safe distance, with no risk to the workforce.

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